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"My friend Don Walker is one of those musicians who doesnít know the names
of a lot of the people who played on recordings, I donít think that stats
interest him, but if you want to hear someone in Anchorage who completely
understands what Don Helms' sound was all about, go see Don Walker,
he sounds just like the late Mr. Helms."
-Joey Canolli

"I congratulate you on all 10 sides. Great blend of ballads and uptempo.
If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know."
-Marty Martel Nashville Record Producer

"A top favorite of mine,'Her and I' from Don Walker"
-Pete Smith's Rock Pile (September 2002)

"We like it very much and we are so proud to present it to our listeners"
-DJís Dick & Ingrid Adriaensen

"Don is not only a quality singer/songwriter, but also a
gifted multi-instrumentalist and talented producer..."
-Ross Allen Hillcrest Records

"We love this song. It works really great for my shows...
Brillant voice, brillant musicians."
-DJ Dominique Costanoga

"The reason we play your music is we really do get feed back from listeners
who say they like your songs too... Personally I believe you have been very
fortunate to have put a good album together with all 10 songs easy to enjoy."
-DJ Tony. (Slinga & Goldie)

"You are a very talented man !"
-Colonel Buster Doss CEO Stardust, Wizard -&- Thunderhawk Records Nashville

"Thanks so much for sending me your CD 'Woman Of My Dreams'- I really like
it and the title track that I played on Saturday is just so easy to listen
to and you sound relaxed and comfortable with what you are singing.
Needless to say I'll be playing more from the CD!"
-DJ Valerie Baxter

"What a delightful breath of fresh air! I listened to your songs after wading
through three albums of bass-heavy Nashpop. Your set is bliss from go to whoa.
I feel we'll be giving virtually all your material plenty of airplay over the coming weeks
and months. Your songs are memorable, and your singing is intimate.
And the musicians/production ... the playing is so tasteful! I thought that
"tasteful musical presentation" was a thing of the past --
thank you for retaining quality standards"
-DJ Eddie O'Strange

"I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your track "Her and I".
I have chosen this track as one my top 10 choices in my report to the EMS CHARTS."
-DJ James Pearson

"The CD arrived safely. I love it, especially the tunes
"Daddy Drove A Caddy" and "Iron Horse, what a great guitar job here! ...
You have done a very great job and it sounds real cool and twangy."
-Kjell Horlin, DJ at MCWC Country Radio Sweden

"As a producer I am always looking for new talent. Talent that is unique
from everything else out there. I heard your stuff! It was cool!
Definitely a breath of fresh air from the standard country stuff"
-Travis Allen Multimedia Nashville

"Don Walker was a complete unknown to me until last week,
now I canít wait to hear more tunes.."
-Mr Blue Boogie CD Reviewer

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